Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just Another Day

Tin says KAYA!

I have to admit, I was totally blown away with this challenge. I had no idea how dependent I was with my rub ons, my bling, etc. It was one thing to use only cardstock, but to use nothing else except the basics! *whew* You really kept me on my toes super Donna, kaya dapat lang sagipin mo na ako hehehe

This LO is an ode to my one and only daughter, how we spend our time together, our petty fights, what we do . . . it may be just another day, but being able to record what we did in our every day "days" will surely bring back memories.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
- late for church again!
- had to know endlessly at your door to hurry up!
- had a yummy lunch at Powerplant . . . via Kaya Express with Josh and Tito Arthur.
- pestered me for enrolling you at the local driving school
- we finally got you those curls
- bugged me for another take at the SAT's
- you gave Josh a wedgie! And he tattled all the same.
- had a quick chat with Tita Kitchie
- shopping
- spent some mom and daughter time
- argued hot to fix your hair . . . hairband or not!
- endless kuwento
- laughed at my choice (and having decided not to purchase . . .) my Florline (?) Maria jacket at Zara
- gotta love those ALDO chose! 2 pairs each :-)
- argued about packing and clothes (ok, more ME)
- had another fun dinner with the family!

Materials Used:
Paper --> Bazzils white, aqua and light aqua
Pens --> Micron- black, Zig Millenium-black, Staedler triplus fineliner, Tsukineo Impress Dual Marker-black

Techniques Used:
lots and lots of doodles and handwriting!

About Me:

A single mom of 2, who are often my favorite scrapbook subjects. They have no choice but to contend with my camera up their faces, my constant bugging with possible journalling questions and my incessant time spent at my scrap table. Hence, I have situated my scrap area at our den to make sure we see and spend time with each other . . . or else they would wonder what this stranger is doing cutting paper in their house!
Photo courtesy of my personal photographer aka my 17 year old daughter :-)

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