Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Jill says, KAYA!

Journaling reads:
‘Only when you get love and laughter will you get a happily ever after.’

Materials used:
Miss Elizabeth Cardstocks: base in Cream, flowers and swirls in Pink, Maroon, Red, Brown and Green, Foray permanent marker and black pens, Scotch glue.

Flowers and swirls are made by doodling and cutting; quilling; title and journaling are hand drawn.

About Me:
I’m Jill Santos from Manila, a mom to 2 loving kids, Gelo and Erin. I recently got hooked to scrapbooking when my mom told me she’s into it also. She gave me some papers to start with, so I tried. Now I’m uber addicted to it and I’m dying to learn new techniques and I’m very glad I got into this group of very creative and talented ladies where I get inspirations and new ideas. Thanks guys!


janujennifer said...

ang ganda ng quill how do you do that?

marjorie said...

ako din ha..paturo! and what fun photos you have here...great job Jill!

JK said...

Jill, first of all, you have a mive star's name:-)Those swirls look fantastic, and when you add quilling to it, it brings it to another level - I like that! I enjoy the photo,too. Great job, Jill!