Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Love Apples

Sym says, KAYA!

"Please don't peel the skin, its my favorite part of the apple"

Materials Used:
card stocks
knife, scissors
glue, pen

I drew the frames. I cut the words "I love apples" from the mat/frame and slipped the picture in. No glue is holding that particular picture. It's held there by the words I cut to the matting/frame. The apples are handdrawn and handcut, too. (Felt like a kindergarten/grade school, assembling this LO, hehehe.)

About ME:
I'm Symbelly, 30 y/o, wife to supportive hubby Sherwin, and mother to 2 beautiful children, Vien 5 and Will 2. I'm a working mom who loves scrapbooking. It lets me have a world of my own... my own rules, my own taste, just pleasing my own, boss of my own. Yeah! I love my scrapbook friends EBs and mini-EBs. They add color and love to my life. Makes me realize I'm not alone, that I've got lots of friends. Visit me at


CraftFairy said...

The flower on the frame caught my attention! and you "carved" the letters out of your mat/frame?! wow!

symbelly said...

thank you craftfairy, i love the flower too. and yes i did "carved" the letters out of the mat/frame.