Friday, October 26, 2007


Candy says, KAYA!

Hidden Journaling:
If I were stranded on an island, I'd like you to come and find me. You will be my inspiration, my hope, my dream. My lifeguard, guarding my life.

Materials Used:
Bazzill cardstock colors: white, cream, dark blue, light blue, mint green, olive green and brown; Filstar cardstock orange (from mini-book project); COX watercolor paints, Prince color pens, Crayola Crayons.

Paper-tearing cardstock (I decided I wanted to go one step further and lose the pair of scissors while marooned in the island.) Layering cardstock, but outlining them with watercolor to show definition. Water-color painting over cardstock with both dry brush, and wet-on-wet technique (wet paper, wet brush) so it smears. Doodling with water-based color pens to give an impression of pattern on paper, then washing/painting them with a little water, careful not to erase all of the doodling.

About ME:
Hello, I'm Candy Bonoan-Lagazon, Montessori teacher, wife to Arn, and mother to Galo, my 3 year old son. Aside from teaching, I love arts and crafts, drawing, painting, singing, playing the piano, and tracing my Bonoan Family Tree. I've been scrapping for 3 years ever since my son's birth, but only joined scrapping forums this August. I'm learning more about this craft in the last 3 months just by hanging around other
scrappers than I'v e ever done scrapping alone. Scrapping is the ultimate art release for me as it combines materials I love and techniques I've learned over the years. Lately, I'm challenged to combine my love for scrapping and for genealogy by coming up with LOs using old photos of my relatives.


JK said...

WOW!!this is is a fantastic, multi-dimensional LO you made, Candy. I also like how you did the tree, and how you placed the pics and the sun, water and sand. Good luck on your genealogy project - we will follow your lead on this one!


Candy Bonoan-Lagazon said...

Thanks, Julie! Am finding that the tug is really very strong to do my ancestors. I was looking for Phil.sites for such but haven't found one, so that the Sommerset Memories magazines are really soooo much a God-send. Or should I say, Julie-send?

CraftFairy said...

Luv everything on your LO! beach na beach talaga! Very creatively done! Thank you.