Wednesday, August 1, 2007

3 Stars and the Sun

Nina says, KAYA!

I've always wanted to do a layout to express to my son Matt how important it is to be proud of being a Filipino. Sure, RP is hardly perfect. If given the opportunity, most people would leave the country. And I don't blame them.

But no matter where we are, I believe we should be proud of being a Filipino. And I hope that I can convey that sense of pride to Matt until he grows up.

Dearest Matt, Being a Filipino isn't about where you are born, what color your skin is or what language you speak.
Being a Filipino is about what is in your heart.
I hope that you learn to love who you are and the rich history of the Philippines.
Always try to find out for yourself what a Filipino is, live it and always be true to the three stars and the sun. Mom

Materials used:
Bazzill cardstock, gesso, matte medium, acrylic paint, 1974 Philippine newspaper page, sinamay, old lace cloth, birds were cut out from an old postcard, woman is from stationery sold at Ayala Museum, postcard of painting by Bencab, Philippine Airlines playing card, Papemelroti notecard, manila folder, paper clip, eyelet, staples, paper twine, pen

Techniques used:
Because of the theme, it was easy to stick to what "ephemera" I had lying around (although I've been collecting them and waiting for the right opportunity to use them) and I tried to consciously use Filipino products. I made a collage on top of the cardstock by layering gesso, newspaper, matte medium, and several colors of acrylic paint. I also didn't use any glue and attached almost everything with staples.

About me:
I'm a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom to 3-year-old Matt. I started scrapping in March 2006 with a piece of illustration board and a recycled paper notebook. Now that I have been scrapping with acid-free stuff, I am now returning back to my roots and exploring non-acid-free and non-traditional scrapbooking stuff and seeing what I can do with them. My current favorites are playing cards and manila folders.


Lee i. said...

I really love it when you do your LOs in this style. So many things going on, each item revealing and meaning something. Tamang-tama pa theme ng LO mo for this month - Buwan ng Wika. Hay...kaya ko kaya ito?

leira said...

ganda ng LO.. you truly have found your niche in using the ephemera and really using it creatively in your layouts..

Au Lim said...

ikaw ha! forte mo talaga itong style na ito e...good call pero ang challenging!

and it's great that you want to instill in Matt his Pinoy heritage. I think kailangan talaga ng next generation ang strong sense of identity para makatulong sa bayan. ang galeng ni mommy!

Nita Ang said...

Ikaw ha... pinahirapan mo ako :D Tapatan pa man din ng magandang LO, tall order talaga! Palibhasa, minamani mo lang ito - hehehe. Eto ang challenge!

aireescreates said...

Nina, I love your journalling and how you used different materials that are really significant to your LO's topic. :) Tamang tama nga this month! Pwede din sa Scrapbytes challenge for this month. :)

cabbiejanescrapper said...

what can i say about the queen of ephemeras, atc, new world art and other unique creations only nina could design and create!

C70 said...

Nina, you are a master of all this ephemera stuff! Love how your creative mind works!

Tin said...

Nina :-) you really outdid yourself on this one, and i love the way photo matches and the way Matt is stading . . . parang mag de-declamation!Very inspiring piece!