Saturday, August 18, 2007

Name Tags

Sheryl says, KAYA!

It took me awhile to create this layout since this is the first time I will be incorporating Ephemera in my page. For this challenge, I decided to include the name tags I got from the Scrapfest and MLA's Scrapbooking party last year. I thought it's high time I celebrate my being a scrapbooker and this challenge came in timely.

Journaling Reads:
8/18/07- I have finished several albums since I started this wonderful hobby but I realized I have not made a single page celebrating my being a scrapbooker. Now I'm glad I created this page as this makes my passion for this hobby and papers OFFICIAL! And that means there is no turning back.

Materials Used:
CS: Bazzill & BG Stella Ruby London Sunset; PPS: Mod Red Gerbera diecut, Karen Foster Writing Paper; CI Epoxy Stickers; Creative Memories pens; ricrac; and name tags from scrapbooking events

About ME:
Working Mom.
Mama to Lilaa and Maia, wife to my one big love. Rekindled my love affair with Scrapbooking in May 2006 and as much I try to control myself, my scrapper's hoarding instinct take over whenever I set foot in a scrapbooking store.
Nevertheless, I love the freedom of creation and the creative license that scrapbooking brings to my idle time. At the same time, it affords me to record, creatively and delightfully, my family's memories to last more than my lifetime. I also c0-own and co-manage an online bookstore with a good friend and kababayan Julie Kelly who is also a member of Pinoy Scrapbookers.


Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

great take on the challenge! oo nga no, dami n nating naipon na mga name tags! hehehe i like all the little "signs" abt scrapbooking! be warned and beware tlaga no??? lol!! very nice lo! :)

leira said...

Love the new LO.. i was laughing out loud while reading the Cautions the bewares and the warnings..

Sheryl said...

Hi Donna and Leirs,
Thanks! Hehehe the stickers came in a pack (from Creative Imaginations), got them from Vi of Lasting Impression. I still have two stickers left:-) The two stickers at the bottom were cut off, one should read: "Digital & Dangerous" and the other "One photo is never enough (Try ten or twenty)" :-D

Leirs, i think it's the only caution/warning/beware sign that are never heeded. :-)

Ch said...

Hehehe, She, I love the photo you used. Ganda ng pagka-crop, very artsy :)

Naku beware nga sa mga hoarders like us :D Hehe! Great page, I love it! :)

Lee i. said...

How true, how true. Pero parang kulang yata ang name tags? I'm sure you've attended more scraobooking events than just the two!

Sheryl said...

Am afraid those were the only ones that survive, Lee. I couldn't find the others na. :-(

CH dear, actually that's the original, uncropped photo, except for the brightness/contrast adjustment, nothing else was photoshop-ped.:-) That's just a camera phone shot, btw.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

its nice to see you trad mode again but you really have a flair in digis too ha. a real talented artistic woman...!!! i love your tags and your colors too.

C70 said...

what a fun, beautiful page, She! Of course, it helps that the subject is beautiful already =) love all the vibrant, happy colors you used for this LO

Tin said...

Naku inggit ako! Konti pa lang na iipon ko hehe I think that's one thing we forget is to scrap about our crazy and addicting hobby. Thanks for reminding us with such a fun LO!

Au Lim said...

ang ganda naman ng bagong panganak na ito! i hate you for being thin already!...hehehe...

ay! LO comment nga pala dapat...:-D ganda ng colors nito ah. and those stickers are great...san mo nahanap yan?! cool LO sis!