Saturday, August 11, 2007

do you still REMEMBER these

Donna says, KAYA!

The first thing that came in my mind when I knew about this month's challenge, were the "love letters" my husband and I gave each other waaaayyyyy bacckkkk when (smiles). From candy or chocolate wrappers to tags of pants to perfume sample (like those in magazines where you can sample the smell of the perfume hehehe I don't know what it's called) to just anything.. we write each other love notes :) My friend and barkada who happened to be his sister ("RETO-RETO" days!!), was our "MAIL GIRL" hehe We just bribe her (wink*wink) and voila! Instant mail delivery! lol!! (love you SIL!!)

Anyways, the first idea was to use only one photo and some of our "letters" in my layout. But as I was browsing through the box where I put our "loveletters", I came across some photos I didn't realize were there. I decided then that I had to put those. I want the layout to come out like showing a "timeline" of our journey together. It didn't turn out like the way I had mind but I am still happy of the result :) Thanks for looking!


"It all started in 1991.. we give each other letters and knick-knacks EVERYDAY. If one of us fail to write even a short letter or note, we get ma like the usual "lover's quarrel" (talk about teenage lovers lol!!!). But come to think of it, I'm sure glad we did all those "corny" love letter stuff. I LOVE browsing through them, it reminds me all the things we promised one another. I hope you REMEMBER 'em too :) ~ love, donna"


We are memory keepers, Prima flowers, Doodlebug designs/Karen Foster/Xyro silver brads, MM clear gloss, American Crafts Slick writer pen,Tim Holtz DI Frayed Burlap and Fired Brick, ribbons, DMC thread and transparency (from last PS EB used FP stamp c/o Mod Au with stazon black ink). *plastic used to envelope letters- from my Thermoweb foam tapes (is it acid-free???)


Distressing (sanding and inking), stitching, doodling.

About Me:

I am Donna Espiritu. 30 years old, married. I'm a very simple person and a homebody. Other people find me "suplada" as first impression but I am really shy (yes yes I am!). Well, that's what my old friends tell me I just don't know now :) hehehe
Know more about me at my blog,, see yah 'round!


the dreamer said...

Donna! This is so sweet, sistah! Hmm, thanks for the inspiration. Sus, dami ko din namin ganyan. Nung mahilig pa kami magsulatan. Hehe. Nice one, sis! =)


Alby said...

Donna!!! This is so sweet! The choice of papers really bring out the feelings in this layout. I got sentimental reading your entry and looking at your layout. I've also akept a lot of Ariel's notes for me. I just got reminded to scrap those too! Great work!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi alby and nina! haha thanks mga sister :) before i finished this lo i went over our "loveletters" oncea again and to tell u the truth, it's really something we should be doing once in a while. it's like an anchor to the relationship we have with our hubbies hehehe and yeah, this is one lo (of me and my hubby) that i am proud of kse there's something so personal and precious "hidden" hahaha thanks for sweet and kind words :)

Au Lim said...

alaguy! and sweet naman!...hehehe...naku buti pa kayo may love letters. si hubby hindi mahilig sumulat noon so i have few, nawala pa when we moved houses...haayyy...nainggit tuloy ako. nice LO and a great way to store some of those sweet stuff!

leira said...

ganda ng work mo.. very sweet and so touching. awww nanghinayang ako bigla na di ko natago yung letters ko kay Philbert. ganda ng work mo..

Anonymous said...

Pretty LO and nice journaling very sweet. TFS


Nita Ang said...

Bakit ayaw lumaki ng LO mo? Gustung-gusto ko pa man ding uriratin isa-isa. Isa pa Donna, naloloka ako dyan sa font ng title mo ha. Wag mo sabihing hand-written at hand-cut nanaman yan? Patay na patay ako sa kanya!

janujennifer said...

nakakainggit!!!! wala akong tangible love letter!

ganda ng layout mo.

aireescreates said...

I agree with everybody - ang sweet sweet nyo naman! Hay, ako kaya??? Alam ko 1 very long letter lang natanggap ko sa husband ko nung mag-bf pa kami dahil sa nag-away pa kami! haha! :) Kailangan ko pa bang iscrap yun???

Your LO is so elegant... pang-magazine ang dating!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

ms nita - will check later why di mo ma-view and yes, handwritten and hancut letters po un hehehe gusto ko ngang pagkakitaan eh ala lang akong scanner lol!! thanks :)

jenn- thanks! :)print mo ung mga love notes nyo ni doc ;) that will do :)

airees - hmmmm madami din ako nyan!! hahaha "hate you and break na tau letters" lol!!! pwede rin sguro un scrap no??? hmmm now that's an idea! hahaha hindi nmn lahat ng stories masaya eh diba :)

thanks girls! appreciate all ur nice comments :) tfl!

Lee i. said...

Hoy, suplada! Hahaha. Hindi naman, very friendly ka nga, eh. As usual, you impressed me again wth how you managed the many elements in your LO. Saka yung handwriting mo, inggit ako. Ganda.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

i think your doodling plays a vital role in the making of a winning layout! and i think all your los are made in this way.. galing!!! i love the way you create those designs!so carefree!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

hi lee and jane, thanks :) u know why i doodle and handwrite in my los? first, hinayang ako sa rubons and i dont hve much pati na rin stamps hehe second and last, i think i like the way my los turn out no matter how many times i doodle ok lang s kin, kht siguro mawala sa uso (wag nmn sna hehehe)to me, un na ung personal touch ko s los ko. thanks again!!

C70 said...

what a sweet page! love how you were able to add a series of photos from different years. great job on putting elements together on this LO!

Tin said...

Donna! Your very romantic layout is just icing on the cake, your pictures down memory lane and your exchanges of affections is really the heart of your LO :-) love it!

marj said...

donna, idol! lol! i wish i have this ephemeras...puro txt lang ksi halos ang meron kmi..there goes your handcut letters again..bow n tlga ako!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

thanks christine, tin and marj! i really love ur nice comments girls!

marj, naku di pa ko idol hehehe it just so happen na meron ako napapaggamitan ung playfulness ko sa handwriting hihi

thanks for looking!

diannerz said...

ang sweet naman neto... haaayyy... gusto ko neto.