Friday, August 10, 2007

No. 1 Fan

Lee says, Kaya!

When I scrap, my KiDS always ask, "Can I help?" I gave them their own scrapbooking stuff so they can scrap to their hearts' content and I am able to scrap in peace. They are very sweet though, they always give me their finished products "for my scrapbooks." Good Mama that I am (yes, sometimes I am good), I put their offerings in a special box with a mental note that someday, I will indeed scrap them.

That someday is now (or at least it's a start since I have boxes full of these sweet offerings.)

Journaling Reads:
(A conversation between Sarah and I while I am reading my scrapbook magazines and she is peeking over my shoulder):

Sarah: Mama, why are your scrapbooks not in the magazines?
Mama: Why? Do you want our scrapbooks to be in magazines?
Sarah: Yes...except the one where I was crying.
Mama: I don't thing my layouts are good enough.
Sarah: Oh, but they're very nice, Mama. Promise!

Lots of hugs and kisses ensue and my place in scrapbooking history is assured.

Materials Used:
Paper - Daisy D's; Cardstock - unknown; Ribbon - Michelle's; Stickers - Scenic Route; Stamp - Autumn Leaves; Ink - Colorbox; Distress Ink; Puncher - Paper Shapers Corner Adorner; Diecut: Cuttlebug; Pen - Uni Ball Signo white; Adhesive - UHU.

A note from Sarah where she wrote " I "heart" you Mama. You are a great scrapbook artist." (It's exactly as she gave it to me except that I inked the edges. Nobody told her to write that and there was no particular occasion. I'm just sorry that I failed to note the date.)

I just went with the flow of the colors. I used only one cardstock because the pattern seems sufficient. I scrapped this simply, dwelling more on the sentiment rather than techniques. I really want to remember this conversation we had. It is, after all, an eye-opener and a reminder why we scrap.

About ME:
I'm the better half on a painter/sculptor, and we have three KiDS - Kahlo, Diego and Sarah. The little "I" stands for our family name. LOL. After many years in the rat-race I am now a full-time mom, taking care of them rugrats. I also work part-time in the family atelier. I love to write and take photographs and scrapbooking is the perfect outlet. I started my acid-free (talking about paper here) journey more than a year ago and I am still making many discoveries. I still dream of becoming "published" in scrapbooking but that will come in due time. For now, in my family's eyes, I am already the greatest scrapbooker ever. And I do believe that is what is most important. Do drop by sometime.


the dreamer said...

Awww. Ang sweet naman ng anak. Hehe.

At ang sweet naman ng mommy to make a layout about this! Naks! Love this, mommy Lee! Favorite ko yung ibon na may "artist"! And, yes, you are a great scrapbooker! Kayang-kaya ang magazines! =)


Alby said...

So touching! Love your layout Lee. And I love the story the brought about this page.

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

how sweet mommy lee :) the colors, the photo and the note itself ARE sweet... no need to add anything else, as is, this layout is so beautiful and really speaks from the heart :)

Au Lim said...

that so sweet of Sarah naman! ako din, it get a lot of those "sweet offerings" mostly of drawings and flowers from the front yard pots. nice idea on keeping a box for them. thanks for the idea, will start one too. very sweet of you mommy. may pinagmanahan naman pala e. :-D

leira said...

ganda ng LO mo.. the LO is so nice of you to use her letter as a showcase for the LO.

Anonymous said...

Love those Daisy D papers. Your LO is very colorful and clean. Super cute dimple and daughter so sweet.


benga said...

Such a sweet LO! yummy colors and blends well with your ephemera.

Nita Ang said...

You always claim, :simple lang LO ko". I agree with you, "yeah, they are simply wonderful."

janujennifer said...

super touchy, lee! nakakaiyak naman yung note ni sarah...

aireescreates said...

Lee, Im so touched by your LO. You are very blessed to have a daughter like Sarah. Haayy.. mabuti na lang at na-iscrap mo sya. Im sure both of you will cherish it in the years to come.

Lee i. said...

Thanks dearest friends for your comments that are almost as sweet as my daughter Sarah. :-) I think this LO will not be placed in my album but at a prominent place in my scraproom so I can easily see it and be reminded why I am into this crazy hobby.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

i love the layout because of the fresh colors!!your al stamps are the envy of my eyes. lol...galing pagkaposition ng note mo ... creative!

C70 said...

Lee, this page is just the sweetest! Love the pastel colors you picked out!

Tin said...

Sweetie talaga Lee! Tama yan, ang mga babies natin ang #1 fan natin hehe :-) i love how you noted the conversation down, this is something you and Sarah will surely cherish for years to come :-)