Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full Circle

Jenn says, KAYA!

Just a simple layout to commemorate the event of all events (so far) – watching the concert of my most favorite band of all time: Hanson.

Journaling Reads:
“I have been a Hanson fan since summer of 1997. Like any fan, I, too, have collected different Hanson memorabilia and merchandise, to the point that most of my college classmates have teased me being *overly obsessed.* Can they blame me? Not only do these brothers possess good looks, they also have great talent. Of course, I have also dreamt of
seeing them performing live here in my own country. That dream came true in 2004, when finally, the brothers went here in the Philippines as part of their Underneath World Tour. I was overjoyed when I heard the news, and although I bought my tickets late, I managed to get a center seat. I may be in the tenth row from the stage, but I felt I was sitting on the best seat in the house. Funny though, I was the only one wearing an office uniform in the concert. =) Seeing them personally and hearing them perform live was one of the best things that could happen to me as a fan. It gave me that overwhelming feeling that will forever remain in my memory. Being on the same building with them, sharing the same oxygen, and singing along with them completed me as a fan. It was that day that my being Hansonite has became ...”

Materials Used:
Ephemera – newspaper article, concert ticket
Patterned Papers – HOTP more ephemera papers, Provo Craft, DCWV
Cardstocks – Miss Elizabeth’s
Flower Stickers – Jolee’s Boutique
Font – American Typewriter-Light (Journaling), Café Rojo (title)
Others – paper flower, film template

Special thanks goes out to my co-Hansonite, Mina, whom I met during the concert. She sent the pictures thru my e-mail address three days after the concert, as I didn’t bring any camera on the event.

About Me:
A 27-year old lady who has been into crafts since high school but just officially dived into real scrapbooking September of 2006. Even though I think I am probably the poorest of all the scrapbookers here in the Philippines, I don't see financial constraints as hindrance for me to create layouts about my life’s memories. Actually, with the very few materials that I have, I am now about to fill my second album. Style wise, I love to do multiple pictures in my layouts, and as much as possible, I want to put as much memories from a life’s event into one layout. Aside from scrapbooking, I am also into cross-stitch, card making (though I only create cards for select people), and altering boxes to accommodate my knick-knacks and old letters from friends. To know more of me and my scrapbooking, please check my scrapblog at: http://janu-jenn.blogspot.com or head on to my personal site at: http://janujennifer.multiply.com


marj said...

wow, jenn...love how you matted the pictures and made it look like a strip of film...great job!

Lee i. said...

jenn, you made it! love that film strip. if your seatmate was able to get such good photos then your seat wasn't so bad. this is scrapbooking as i knew it - using magazines and newspaper articles. teka, na-de-acidify mo ba yan? :-) joke lang.

Ch said...

JENN! I love your page!!! I'm a huge Hanson fan too, and my ticket is just waiting to be scrapped (kaso nagffade na!)!!! WHEEE :) I love Hanson!! :)

janujennifer said...

thanks for the comments!

lee - nope, the newspaper wasn't de-acified. hehehehehe... bahala na si batman. =)

ch - grabe, hanson fan ka rin? a'ryt! hope to see your page, too!

Anonymous said...

The whole layout is so wonderful. It is great