Tuesday, August 28, 2007

USA - My First Trip

Chay says, KAYA!

This is my first time to travel to the USA so I kept all the things that would remind me of the trip.

Materials Used:
Bazzil gray CS, acid-free fabric flowers, sakura pens, Craft Express travel stickers

About ME:
I am Charissa Gail Bruan but most of my friends call me Chay. I have an almost-3 hyper son and a wife to a very loving and supportive husband. I am a working mom and a scrapping addict. I started scrapbooking in September of 2006. I was introduced to the scrapbooking world when I attended a 2-hr workshop by Ms. Iris Uy at our office building. I am still trying to define my style but recently I got hooked to using flowers and solid colored-CSs in my LOs. Making LOs help me shed off the everyday stress.


Lee i. said...

Chay, you make me regret throwing away all my travel ephemera. I used to save everything (even receipts) until I got overwhelmed by the sheer volume. I told myself the memories are in my journals and photos anyway. If I had known then that there is such a thing as ephemera scrapbooking...

Your LO makes a great statement about your first USA trip. You make me wish I had held on to my "basura" so I can also showcase them as half as nicely as you did.

Charisse / Chay said...

I love to keep every "scrap" (basura to my mom:)) that I can until i get to sort them all out. I keep stuff that I get from my firsts.

Thanks for your comment. I feel flattered and honored.