Friday, November 14, 2008

Live, laugh, love, DARE and I Love You

Barbie says, KAYA!

I always thought I used a lot of negative space before I tried this challenge. Was I ever wrong! While I may suck at this now, I believe it's something I will keep trying my hand at in the future.

It's our habit to take pictures of our feet in every new place we visit. It's part documentary, part reminder to ourselves to remember to dare to be more adventurous and make time in our lives for exploration and fun. The journaling refers to the effort to make a difference in the world where we live, a concept that is very important to our faith.

The world is HUGE, and we're so tiny in comparison that sometimes it feels like we do nothing SIGNIFICANT. But that's not true. Every choice matters. We alter reality with every breath. We impact the universe simply by existing. We owe it to ourselves to be fully alive, truly human. It's a RESPONSIBILITY to be all that we can be, because we have been blessed with potential, free will, and the power to create a better world for everyone.

Materials Used:
DCWV cardstock and pp, MM travel stickers, Sakura pens, EK Chalklets, Darice metal embellishment, MM rub-ons


Billie is our cat, shown here with Zhong Mao, one of the kittens that she fostered. She has had two litters and fostered four kittens not her own, producing milk even though she had not borne the kittens.

Billie, you're such a great forster mom. Despite your initial reluctance, you came through for Zhong, Zen, Edi, Smarmy, and your own babies, giving them love and care as well as nourishment.

Materials Used:
Cardstock, Prima journaling tag, rhinestones from Divi, AMM chipboard shapes, and stickers from MM.

About ME:
I'm Lianne, but most people know me as Barbie. 30 years old, freelance writer and editor. I've been scrapbooking since high school but only got into the scientific method of it five years ago. I still consider myself a newbie, though.


Donna E. said...

hi barbie! love both los! i esp like the first one coz of your journaling....ang lalim! but very true and very inspiring!

Roxannee said...

Wow inspired ka talaga! I like the masking effect! It really spoke for the word.

Lianne said...

Thank you for your kind comments. :)

Roxanne, masking's one of my favorite techniques, and a great way to use up letter stickers with a pattern that I don't like, hehehe.

Donna, nagmumukhang journal na nga mga scrapbooks ko, eh... huhuhu....

Candy said...

Barbie!!! These are really mean LOs!!! Lalo na iyung DARE!!! Pang-magazine!!!

Lee i. said...

Barbie, but scrapbooks are visual journals, so you are doing something really right. Love the journaling sa Dare, and the photos too. At ang sweet ng kitty mo. I have a mother-daughter stray who live in our garage. Ang sweet nila sa isa't isa. They're quite inseparable. They do everything together. First time ko magka-pet cat so I wasn't expecting that.

bjay said...

apart from your pretty LO, it's the journaling that I look forward to reading. iba ka talaga, kapatid. keep 'em coming! :)

Lianne said...

Thank you so much, ladies. :)

Bjay, you inspire me so much, especially your work at SFTIO and your blog. :)

Candy, i blush.... glad you like it. :)

Lee, thanks for the reassurance. I've been keeping cats for as long as I've been keeping journals, and i find them fascinating. I love kitties! :)