Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Always Happily Ever After

Judy says, KAYA!

This photo was taken last Halloween. My dd has sumpong at that time. I still find her cute though. Thanks Marj! It was fun making this challenge.

Jali wears a fairy princess costume this Halloween. When we hide her wand, she told us that she's not going to smile until she wears her crown and hold her magic wand.

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Hi! I'm Judy. I started scrapbooking two years ago. My family has always been my inspiration in all the things I do. I have been married for 11 years now and have one daughter. I also enjoy doing variety of crafts.


Lee i. said...

Love how you tied the ribbon around the wand. Is that the same one she used for Halloween? What a very significant embellishment.

bjay said...

this is just pretty! I love how vintage-y this LO looks :)

Gracie said...

The wand is very creative. Oh my daughter was a bit moody last Halloween too.

Benga said...

great use of the bow! very pretty LO!

Lianne said...

I love this page! I especially like the twist on the "princess" take. :)

Badette Bautista-Ansay said...

You really got talent. I love you my friend and I miss you and Jali.
Looking forward to see you again.