Friday, November 7, 2008

In Enjoy Being a Girl

Barbie says, KAYA!

My first thought upon reading the challenge was "Wow, if I could finish four LOs in a month, that's 4 times more than I've managed to make all of the months of 2008!' But then I saw the first challenge and I balked at the bow. I don't have enough kiddie pics to choose from, and very few of what I do have warrants a bow.

Luckily enough there was this pic of Fire before her uncle's wedding, where she had (disastrously) dyed her hair orange and wearing blue(!!!) eyeshadow. It gave me the perfect segue.

When Tina gave you this song to sing solo at your first ACC Concert, she didn't know she would start an inside joke that would haunt you even after 10 years of directing the ACC Concert. Plus her now infamous quote: "For this song, I chose three girls, and I chose girls who look like... girls."

Few people know how appropriate that song was - IS - for you. Looking at you now, no one suspects how kikay you are, how sweet and feminine; much less those huge guys you teach self-defense to.

But that femmy side is a big part of what I fell in love with. It's a secret you share with me, one Tina seems to have prophesied!

Materials Used:
MM neon pink paint, Basic Grey chipboard letters, DCWV Old World pp, buttons, pink Sakura Souffle pen, pink sheer bow, and American Traditional Designs Lil' Charms.

About ME:
I'm Lianne, but most people know me as Barbie. 30 years old, freelance writer and editor. I've been scrapbooking since high school but only got into the scientific method of it five years ago. I still consider myself a newbie, though.


Lee i. said...

Love that flirty little bow in the corner, it is so...girly! :-) I think most of us should use their handwriting on their LOs like you Barbie. It really adds a personal touch.

bjay said...

Fire looks so pretty! haha. this one is for the books :)

I've to agree with lee, better talaga kapag handwritten ang journaling.

Mia Castrillo said...

Hey Barbie! Nice to be finally seeing your layouts. What did Fire say when she saw this layout? Hahaha! Miss you, girl!

Gracie said...

What a funky LO! I love the blackboard effect where you wrote the journaling.

Barbie said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Mia, we miss you too!

Thanks for noticing the handwriting. It's not perfect, but I try to use my handwriting more, because I do feel it's more "me" :)

Firewomyn said...

something tells me that i shouldn't be smiling...but i am.