Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Inspirations

Joanne says, KAYA!

How timely this challenge. I had been itching to scrap our recent pictorial. I had planned to attack these bunch of pics with simple layouts in mind -- a simple formula of some precision cuts, borders and simple paper accents. Then the layout process took a standstill -- what do I put on the bottom of the layout? It took a good week till like light bulb, Marj's idea to put a bow came on. Then looking for ribbons bigger than 1.5 wide was a struggle. I just muted this bright green lace ribbon with sheer ribbon and layered Prima flowers and voila! My problem was finally solved! I was just happy these pictures were finally down on a layout.

Special thanks to Master Iris for sending me the Webster's Pages. I had a great time cutting the words "Beautiful Inspirations." It was like feeding an addiction. Sign off from the massacre queen...

Such a vision for all of us to be here... It is like these tender moments together, the precious embraces and sweet kisses are what I thrive for.... It is what inspires me to keep going, keep my courage up and forward to a new tomorrow.

Materials Used:
Webster Pages Beautiful line: Bee balm & bountiful, MME Vita bella line (green leaves), DCWV black CS, Ribbons and flowers from AMM scrap kits, blings, MM metal corner, transparency, Stazon ink.

About ME:
I am Joanne Figueroa Yap, mother of 3 boys, Jacob, Jerome and Jorel. I am happily married to my loving hubby, Patrick. At present living in the land down under, Sydney Australia. I am a stay at home, 24/7 on call house manager of the Yap family household.

Back in Manila, I began Scrappin' Moms with my beautiful friends April, Mia, SL, Ria, Pia, Liza and Iris. My passion for scrapbooking has really brought me to places I never realised I would ever be at. I have met beautiful people through this hobby and they have all enriched my life immensely.

My layout creations are my way of preserving our precious memories and expressing my love for the people that I love. They call me the 'massacre queen' because I can never leave a patttern paper unturned, it has to be cut with precision. This is what's common in my all my layouts, the 3d elements that I create myself. All these are my labor of love. It is my hope I can reactivate my scrapbooking social life and work here in Sydney again, one day when the kids are more adjusted here.


Lee i. said...

The massacre queen does it again, and I can only say, Beautiful inspiration indeed.

Mia Castrillo said...

Beautiful layout Jo! Great work, as always!

bjay said...

the cutting action, hindi talaga matatawaran :)

Joanne Yap said...

salamat ladies, you cant imagine the intense feeling I felt after seeing it all cut up and adhered down on a layout... it was such a FIX i tell you -- you should try it some time -- the whole week stress was gone seeing my victim cut up (the paper that is!),... bawhahhahahhahahahhahahah!

Gracie said...

What an elegant LO!

Benga said...

WOW as in WOW, I can never cut like that and I wouldn't even try hahaha, d yan kaya ng powers ko, I'm all praises to you for such a wonderful page!