Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Smile

Mia says, KAYA!

I hate to admit it but my oldest daughter, Nadine, can be very vain at times. So much so that when she lost her two front teeth, she was aghast! She was in tears and refused to go to school saying that she "looked funny." Mier and I had to patiently talk to her and assure her that losing her front teeth was very natural and everyone goes through it. I dug out pictures and layouts from the Internet just to show her that a lot of children have also lost their front teeth. Thank God she was finally consoled and when she went to school that day, she noticed that a number of her classmates also did not have front teeth too. Hehehe!

You were so conscious about losing your front teeth. You didn't want to go to school because you said you "looked funny." It took a lot for Daddy and me to convince you that everybody goes through this and that what really matters is the goodness of your heart. Besides you have a beautiful smile --- with or without your front teeth. We love you!

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About me:
I am in my mid-thirties, married to my bestfriend, Mier, for 8 years and blessed with three beautiful princesses, Nadine (age 7), Raya (age 5) and Alyssa (1 year). I have been fixing my photos since high school but got really serious (as in using acid free materials) in 2004 after my 2nd daughter was born. Since then I've been hooked! Took a break in 2007 when I had a difficult pregnancy with my 3rd baby but I'm now back and more addicted than ever! I believe the heart of my layouts is my journaling. I scrapbook to share myself and my stories to my children.


Lee i. said...

This is so sweet and charming. Beautiful LO, beautiful girl and beautiful smile.

Mia Castrillo said...

thanks, lee! :-)

Joanne Yap said...

ay naku kahit walang teeth stunner talaga si nadine --and with such a pretty name -- lahat talaga meron sya ---- am sure she has a great heart too like her beautiful mom,...

Gracie said...

Oh that is so sweet. She is still pretty without her front teeth.